a la carte: $100/hr, 2 hr. min.

Face Painting (Professional-Grade, Water-Based)

with optional customized menu to match your party's theme*

I can paint anything either from memory or phone reference.

All requests are considered (boy, do I have stories)!

Glitter Tattoos

Simple Balloon Sculptures


​All paint, glitter, & adhesives used are FDA-approved & cosmetic-grade. Brands used include Wolfe, Snazaroo, and Mehron Paradise.

Paint is easily removable with water-- and soap, if desired!

*If you're expecting more than 20 guests, having a customized menu is encouraged so everyone will have time to get painted.

[Example: Your party is unicorn themed, so the options could include unicorns, rainbows, hearts, and stars.]

is COVID-19 Protocol Compliant! 

As of 3/29/21, I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer).


Masks are worn at all times

70% alcohol used to sanitize brushes & paints

Disposable lip brushes used


Due to federal health and safety guidelines,

people with the following conditions

cannot be painted:

Damaged or wounded skin (e.g. scabs, sties, cuts, cold sores, eczema, acne)

Symptoms of a cold, cough, or infectious disease (e.g. lice, flu)

Skin with dried food, sticky substances, or bodily excretions (e.g. runny nose)

Skin allergies

These restrictions are in place to keep us all happy, healthy, & safe.

Thank you for understanding!