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Code of Conduct

1. Children who are in line or receiving my services must be supervised and controlled at all times. Hovering is discouraged and personal space must be respected. At the first offense, there shall be a warning. At the second offense, there will be a request of close parental supervision. At the third offense, I reserve the right to leave.

2. There is a zero tolerance policy for harassment from both children and adults. If I at any point feel uncomfortable or unsafe, I reserve the right to leave immediately without warning. In this scenario, my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will not be honored and no refunds will be given. Please drink responsibly and behave respectfully.


Health & Safety Policy

1. All guests shall respect me and my tools, including paints, brushes, mirror, water, glitter, balloons, and any other supplies I may use to perform my services. No one but me is allowed to pick up or touch any of my belongings.

2. As stated on the homepage, due to federal health and safety guidelines, people with the following conditions cannot be painted:

  • Damaged or wounded skin (e.g. scabs, sties, cuts, cold sores, eczema, acne) 

  • Symptoms of a cold, cough, or infectious disease (e.g. lice, flu)

  • Skin with dried food, sticky substances, or bodily excretions (e.g. runny nose)

  • Skin allergies

Cancellation Policy


1. If the client cancels more than a month in advance, a full refund will be given. Upon cancellation up to two weeks prior to the event, 50% of cost will be refunded. Upon cancellation within three days of event, no refund will be administered.

2. It is the client's responsibility to make sure I am notified of any changes to the venue, contact information, and date/time of event. There is no refund for day-of cancellations. Thank you for understanding!

Terms & Conditions

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